Having a pet in your life is a greatly rewarding experience. If your house is also home to your furry friends and you care about being eco-friendly, then here are some tips that you will enjoy. These fun ideas mean that you and your pets can take care of the environment together.

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With such a huge number of pets in shelters, overpopulation is a big problem, especially in the US. Because there are so many animals in shelters, to cope with the lack of funding and resources, thousands of shelter animals have to be euthanized each year. Instead of buying from breeders, which supports their business, adopting a dog or cat saves a life. Another way to tackle overpopulation is to get your pet spayed or neutered. Other ways to help shelters include donating your unwanted pet supplies and unopened pet food.

Sustainable Food and Treats

Your pet needs a nutritional diet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be eco-friendly. You should look for pet food that uses recyclable packaging and organic and sustainable ingredients in their food. Another great option is to make your own. This way, you are cutting out the packaging and shipping and choosing the ingredients yourself. You can also make your own dog treats. However, please check with your vet to make sure the food you make is nutritional enough for your pet. Look online for some great dog treat recipes. For nutritional supplements and dog chews, Wapiti Labs are a good US brand that uses sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Bio-degradable Waste

Cleaning up after your dog or cat can be eco-friendly too. Instead of adding to landfill with plastic bags and kitty litter, opt for bio-degradable poo bags and kitty litter, from sustainable or recycled sources. Dog waste contains lots of chemicals that can pollute local wildlife and water sources, so you should dispose of it efficiently. Whilst the obvious solution may seem to be composting it, dog waste contains a lot of hazardous parasites. If you are willing to take the appropriate steps, you can find guides online to help you safely dispose of dog waste. When cleaning up after your pet’s mess, you should also switch to natural, eco-friendly cleaners to avoid harmful toxins and chemicals from commercial cleaners.

Pet Toys

Playtime is important to all pets and it’s likely your pet will enjoy playing with whatever toys you provide them. Cat lovers will already know how much cats love the toys you don’t actually buy, like hair ties, toilet roll tubes and scrunched up foil balls. Making cat toys from recycled rubbish is an easy and cheaper way, to make eco-friendly entertainment for your feline friends. Dog toys can be made from recycled and organic materials and there are plenty of easy DIYs online. Look out for beds, leads, and collars that utilize recycled materials too.

With these tips, you and your pet can make a huge difference. If every person took steps towards being eco-friendlier, it would make an incredible impact and help to create a better future.


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