Let Us Pick Up the Slack

Raleighwood Petsitting understands that life can be hectic, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to handle everything. When it comes to what’s important in life, our furry companions are definitely on the high end of the list. So when you’re busy, let us give them the care they require! Read more to find out what petsitting services we offer.

Our Raleighwood dog walking services include everything your animals need for proper care and exercise. Dogs generally need about an hour of exercise a day, and sometimes more. We will take your dogs and let them get all of that energy out, which will help reduce stress levels, control their weight, and leave them feeling happy and give them peace of mind.

Our Raleighwood dog walking services are also a great way of giving your dogs some extra training, as we know how to help them properly socialize with other dogs and humans while roaming around.

As we walk your dogs, we will spend time encouraging good behavioral habits. When your dog is cooped up inside too long, they can become aggressive when encountering new circumstances. Our Raleighwood dog walkers will give your dogs both the physical and mental exercise they need to feel more relaxed and confident.

Dogs depend on humans more than you might think. That’s why we are here to help pick up the slack.

Our Raleighwood dog walking services include:

Dog Walks

$17  – 30 minute visit / walk

$15  – 15 minute visit / walk

$13  – 10 minute visit / potty break

**10 Minute visit only available for 3rd or 4th visit / day

$25  – 45 minute visit / walk

$30  – 60 minute visit / walk

For puppies or older dogs, we recommend a 4th visit. Young and old dogs require more care. An extra visit from our Raleighwood dog walkers will be very beneficial for them.

Dog Runs

$25 for a 45 minute run

$30 for a 60 minute run

$5 per additional dog

Weekday Lunch-time Walk Packages

$75/week – 5 day 30 minute visits

Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($85/week – 2 dogs)

*Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.

Less than 5 days used = $17/visit (1 dog), $20 (2 dogs)

$65/week – 5 Day 15 minute visits

Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($75/week – 2 dogs)

*Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.

Less than 5 days used = $15/visit (1 dog), $18 (2 dogs)

Dog Trip To The Park

Our Raleigh dog walkers will take your dog to a local dog park, where they can run around freely and get all of that excess energy out. We will watch them as they socialize with other dogs, and make sure they are behaving well as we encourage good social habits.

$17 for 30 minutes at the park

+ chauffeur fee

Raleighwood Petsitting is dedicated to the health and happiness of your dogs, knowing what an important part of your life they are.If you require Raleighwood dog walking services, contact us today!

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