After you have decided to put your dog in a crate, it is time to find a suitable crate. However, nowadays, market is flooded with various types of dog crates. In such a scenario, it can be difficult to decide as to which crate is suitable for your pet. Following section will brief you about various types of dog crates available in the market and which one, out of these should you choose.

Various Types of Dog Crates

Classic Wire Crate

It is one of the famous and most used crates among others. Within this type of crate, there are various styles with some crates have single door, others have 2 or 3. Moreover, some of these crates are easily fold-able for storage while others are not. One of the best things about this crate is that it is very strong and hence durable.

Moreover, it is very easy to store and clean. In addition to this, these crates offer maximum airflow, which means these are suitable in hot climates. This means, if you’re living in an area which has very warm climate, you can buy this crate. Apart from this, this crate offers maximum visibility of surroundings. It can be crucial for few dogs that prefer surrounding view. However, it may not be important for other dogs who rather prefer “boxed in” feeling. Hence, it is important for you to check your pet’s preference in this respect and then choose a crate.

Stylish Wooden Crate

In case, you don’t like regular wire crate, you can go for a stylish crate. These crates are made from various materials including rattan, bamboo and wood etc. You can choose desired material to improve the overall theme and look of the crate. Apart from using these crates for your dog, you can use them as a table for placing ornamental items etc. One of the key advantages of this type of crate is that there are very few chances that your dog will be able to escape from the crate.

However, it is important to note that this type of crates is costlier than others and can cost you a good sum. Moreover, if your pet has destructive behaviors including chewing and scratching, it can easily damage this crate. Make sure that before you go to market, take measurement of your pet to choose from variousĀ dog crate sizes.

Plastic Crates

Usually, this type of crate is used by pet-owners for air travel. This is because some of the plastic dog crates come with “airline approved” certification. Their light-weight makes them a great choice for travelling purpose. Moreover, these crates provide “boxed-in” feeling to your pet which means these crates are a good choice if you reside in colder climates. However, it is harder to keep these crates clean in comparison to wire crates. Moreover, these crates comparatively take more space than wire crates, hence, aren’t good for storage.

To conclude, it is important to keep your dog’s preference in mind before buying a crate. Choose the type of crate your dog will be the most comfortable with.


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